In this human evolutionary process, we have gone way ahead technologically but we are still living pretty “unaware” lives when it comes to our body, mind and spirit. Yes, we are awakening but we are still very young from that perspective. We are still leading very disconnected lives, separate from our true selves, far from knowing who we really are and what we are capable of.

It is this separateness that keeps us running around like headless chickens when it comes to helping ourselves. When we get hit by a health challenge, most people are not aware of the fact that they have been responsible for creating that pain in their bodies. You may be thinking, “why would I do that? why would I make myself ill?” I know. I’ve been there. But in my own healing journey, I learnt that we create our own reality, every little bit. Even the most unwanted pain in the body, whatever label you give it…autoimmune diseases or chronic conditions, we have created it, unknowingly.

As undesirable an information this may sound, the fact is, the moment you realise that you have been responsible for creating your pain, you have taken the power back. You have taken the responsibility for yourself because if you know that you have created it, then you can un-create it! At that moment you have started your healing journey. How powerful is that!

Any pain in the human body is a result of some underlying emotional cause. When we release that cause and work on ourselves from within, the physical manifestation releases itself automatically.

We go about with our daily lives, feeling all kinds of emotions, constantly reacting to situations and people around us. Each of those emotions has a vibration. That’s why when your partner walks in through the door, with a full-blown anger…you go, “wooaah”! You can feel it instantly. It is the vibration you are feeling. Similarly, when someone walks in with a smile and a calm demeanour, you immediately feel peaceful. Again, it is the vibration. We are all energy beings and we vibrate all the time.

Unbeknown to many, these vibrations play the key role in our well-being or illness.

For e.g., when you feel fear or anger, they reside in your solar plexus, which is in your abdominal area, just above the navel. Let’s say, you go about feeling any of these emotions or both regularly. You may say…“but it’s triggered by somebody!” Or “but I’m right”

It doesn’t matter, whether it’s someone who has played a part in triggering those emotions in you or whether you project it onto someone else, the vibration is yours and it stays inside you. Now, what happens to those vibrations that remain within you for years?

They become physical symptoms over time…maybe IBS or diabetes or liver related problems, as all these organs reside in the solar plexus region. This is your body’s way of communicating to you, “hey look here, the cause is here”

Any vibration generated by emotions such as fear, anger, grief, guilt, shame, envy, jealousy…no matter how valid your justification, they are all low in frequency…and our body is designed to be in high frequency most of the time. Subconsciously, we know that these lower frequencies don’t feel good. That’s why we feel low when we are going through grief. We also know that we are not meant to keep these emotions inside us, hence, we throw our anger onto another. You just want to take it out, don’t you? However, shouting at somebody is not the correct method of release.

That’s where Reiki can help. Unknowingly, we fill ourselves with emotional junk. It is time to release that. A Reiki practitioner can focus on your energy centres and your energy field to help release any blockages.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Reiki, might ask, “Does it really work?”

My answer, if you are breathing and alive, it’s working.

Reiki is simply universal energy. It is always flowing throu

gh you. You won’t be alive if you didn’t have this energy. It starts flowing to you from the moment you are conceived inside your mother’s womb and the day it stops flowing through you, is the day you leave the body. You are not alive because you breathe in oxygen, you are alive because you breathe in life force energy. This energy is not only life giving, but healing in nature.  Our body is designed to restoreitself and we have various divine healing systems available for us. There is nothing “woo woo” about it. It is a natural process which is happening all the time, whether you know it or not.

The only reason you stay in pain is because you churn the same stuff every single day, by doing that you maintain status quo.

Reiki can help bring more awareness to yourself. Reiki can help you break that pattern of churning.

Unconsciously, subconsciously, we all know Reiki and practice it on ourselves all the time. We have this intelligent in-built guidance system. That’s why when you knock your elbow onto something and hurt yourself, you immediately go, “ouch!” and put your palm on it. You are reiki-ing yourself. The only difference is, when you do it knowingly, it becomes result oriented.

So, it is time to really allow yourself to restore and recover, release what no longer serves you, truly understand why, what’s happening to you and start your healing journey. Lead a life of awareness. Use the wonderful resources available for us from this magnificent Universe, for when we connect with this beautiful energy, we are truly one with the Universe. When we express gratitude, appreciation and love for these beautiful gifts of nature, we raise our vibrations, we truly become who we are and by doing that we are contributing back to the Universe.