The taste, the sight, the smell, the hunger, the satisfaction. Food is life-giving, and what we feed ourselves with each day, can either be our daily medicine or daily poison for our mind and body. All in moderation, and which will you choose?


Food is a solid form of energy.

If you remember Biology 101, then you may recall that:

“The Mitochondria is the energy factories of the cells.”

The Mitochondria produces an energy-rich molecule named Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) using the energy stored in food. We need it as fuel for our mind and body. What we eat gets stored in our body. This energy reaches each cell and is distributed equally throughout the body to make sure you are alive and healthy.

Food’s energetic state is influenced by environmental factors

What if energy becomes adulterated because of how it was processed? Perhaps the food was processed with chemicals. Or, besides the nutritional value of food, there lies an emotional history. Maybe the meal that was cooked was prepared by the hands of someone that was angry rather than made with love.
Or, we would dare to explore another idea. The meat and livestock was raised in fear. While their form changes, the energy stays.

Would that anger affect us? Does that fear become part of us?

Does Food contribute to our emotions and chronic pain?

When we consider the mind-body-food connection, we look at how sensitive we are not only to allergies, but to energy. Our body rejects certain foods to protect our immune system, but how exactly does it protect us from foods that give us anxiety, depression, and chronic pain?
Regardless of what we eat, there is energy that we take in which reaches each and every cell of our body. It will reside in the cells and then circulate through the entire body, affecting our emotional, physical, or mental state. This is the holistic perspective. Consider how we store energy. Knowing what is stored, we can effectively transmute it by being conscious and moving energy around, rather than keeping it stagnant.

Eating Natural and Organic Foods balances our energy

There is some truth as to why we should eat more organic and natural foods. What we harvest from the earth is life-giving and abundant. It connects you to Mother Earth. Root vegetables ground us. Fresh spring water that’s stripped of minerals rejuvenates us. The food we obtain from nature or through natural methods such as vegetables, milk or dairy products, fish, pulses, grains, and fruits contain the universal energy in its purest form since they are all grounded (grown in the soil or extracted from nature as it is).

Refining our minds by refining our diet

Wake up each day with clarity. Not with mental fog, fatigue, or panic. Step aside from the jitteriness from being over-caffeinated. Now that you can notice the chain reaction, food has on the quality of our mind and body through ideas of energy, we can transmute it by internal fengshui. By refining our diet, and create a list of foods to eliminate. What this may look like is listening to your body and asking for what it intuitively craves. Consulting a Nutritionist, Holistic Health Coach, or Acupuncturist. They can map it out for you. They get it wellbeing is your natural, blessed state.

Take small steps in listening to your body when its full, or when it feels off immediately after that sip of wine or a bite from that bag of chips. Bless your food with thanks, drink that tea with clarity, or cook with joy and connection. If your busy life has completely detached you from your true and natural self, it is the time to reestablish the connection.

Our holistic health coaches can help you prepare a plan. Our energy medicine practitioners like reiki can give you insights on how you hold your energy, and target the root cause of your chronic pain and emotional states. Our mindset coaches can use modalities like hypnosis, theta healing, and the emotion code can release emotional eating habits so you can feel more in control of your wellness. Book a session at Healing Clouds and nourish your wellbeing with the food of self-improvement.