Say Goodbye to a Pessimistic Personality

Negativity and positivity are the two pans of a balance scale or in an even simple language they together make a see-saw. Which means they both exist and we can neither deny their presence nor we can get rid of one of them. However, we can attain one by suppressing the other. It is the [...]

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Life Coaching as a Holistic Healing Modality

Life coaching is often misunderstood as counselling. However, it is entirely different in terms of the way it is performed. Life coaching is not about dealing with your past memories and issues, its rather about working on your present to create a desired future. Life coaching is the best choice for these two types of [...]

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Self-Relaxation Techniques for Extremely Distressed Situations

A relaxed mind is no less than a boon. As a child, we are all born with it. However, as we grow up, we start ruining this blessing ourselves. We can clearly figure out the difference between a child reacting to a situation and an adult reacting to the same situation. For example, a child [...]

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Meditation at Work- A Guide

We all have our own list of priorities in life and when it comes to office employees their list always looks like this. However, the rat race to achieve these goals has led to the ignorance of an extremely important asset of your life which is your health. Health is broad Health should never be [...]

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4 Hollywood Movies you didn’t know had talked about Holistic Healing

    Centuries have passed and we have made such a significant and rapid progress that everything which was once magical, miraculous and impossible is now science. The concepts used in movies and novels we once had called fiction are now known as technology and technology will keep on advancing because of the deep connection [...]

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